• The TUK-141O

    The TUK-141O

    The TUK-141O cask and TK-U-141 rail transporter have proven efficient, safe and reliable.

  • Radwaste management

    Radwaste management

    Radwaste management – prevention of harmful effects on human health and safety, and the environment

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    Ecology and radiation safety

    The interstate programme ‘Remediation of Territories of States Affected by Uranium Mining and Milling Facilities’ is successfully underway

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    Recycling of nuclear-power submarine and crafts

    Tasks are being addressed to dismantle nuclear submarines decommissioned from the Navy, as well as to remediate hazardous radiological naval facilities and sites

Why we?

A dedicated team.

We share the same goals. We are stronger together.


Our projects are safe and environmentally friendly.


We have obligations to the future generations for the final stage in SNF and radwaste management.

One step ahead.

We create innovative projects.


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