A series 14 TUK cask is a metal structure weighing over 100 tons. The cask body is cast integrally of spheroidal graphite cast iron.

TUK-141O possesses high nuclear and radiation protection properties, higher thermal endurance and is able to withstand serious dynamic impacts that ensures safety of SNF inside the cask.

TUK-141O can be used to transport 18 SFAs versus TUK-13 capacity of 12 SFAs. Besides, the TUK-141O weight, dimensions and design are absolutely compatible with transport and process flowcharts for both VVER-1000 reactor units currently in operation and reactor units of new generations – VVER-1200/TOI including Russian-design international NPPs.

At present, TUK-141O introduction into the transport infrastructure of the nuclear industry is in progress. Besides process (‘cold’) tests already completed at the Concern’s NPPs and FSUE PA Mayak, trials at FSUE GKhK (Mining and Chemical Combine) are expected.

Besides, an upgraded TUK-141O has the potential of being used as a dual-purpose cask for both transport and storage of SNF.

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