Founded in August 2007 following a decision by the RF Government to ensure centralised management of SNF and radwaste handling projects, the Federal Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (JSC FCNRS) has a track record of large-scale projects both in the Russian Federation and internationally. Our landmark projects include:

  • turnkey design and manufacture of equipment for four IGK research hot cells at the Pilot Demonstration Center for SNF reprocessing based on innovative technology at FSUE GKhK (Mining and Chemical Combine);
  • construction of infrastructure for spent nuclear fuel management at Andreyeva Bay, Murmansk Region;
  • safe removal of damaged SNF from the Paks NPP, Hungary;
  • removal of spent nuclear fuel generated in the Maria research reactor in the Republic of Poland, under Russian-U.S. RRRFR programme, etc.;
  • development of TUK-140 and TUK-141O shipping casks that provide state-of-the-art solutions in terms of capacity and safety, as well as TK-E-140 and TK-U-141 transporters  intended for spent nuclear fuel transport.

FCNRS is the management company of the Rosatom Back End Business Group comprising FSUE RosRAO, FSUE RADON, FSUE Mining and Chemical Plant, JSC DNR Center.

FCNRS Director General: Mr. Andrey I. Goliney

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