SNF transport in the current TUK -141O cask is allowed

SNF transport in the current TUK -141O cask is allowed

The current TUK-141O shipping cask, which Rosatom State Corporation intends to use as a replacement for a Series 13 one, has been admitted for removal of a batch of spent fuel assemblies irradiated in a VVER-1000 reactor. The removal is scheduled to take place this September. In compliance with the technical permission, a  TUK-141O shipping cask will be used for the first time alongside with TUK-13 ones to transport VVER-1000 spent fuel assemblies from the Balakovo nuclear power plant Unit No. 4 to FSUE PA Mayak. The modern fuel shipping cask provided by FCNRS is significantly superior to TUK Series Thirteen, and is capable to transport SNF with higher enrichment and burnup.

This decision proves the safety of VVER-1000 SFA transport in the TUK-141O cask in compliance with requirements of Russian regulatory documents for spent nuclear fuel transport and management at nuclear fuel cycle facilities.


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