FCNRS: TUK casks at Mayak

FCNRS: TUK casks at Mayak

Final in-process tests of a TUK-141O shipping cask and a TK-U-141 rail transporter were conducted at FSUE Mayak in the framework of accepting a new transport and process flowchart for VVER-1000 SNF reprocessing. Both the TUK-141O shipping cask and the TK-U-141 rail transporter were developed to FCNRS’ order.

We recall that March 2016 saw the successful completion of the acceptance tests of TUK-141O cask intended for the safe transport of VVER-1000 spent nuclear fuel, and in-process tests at the Kalinin NPP Unit No. 1 followed in April.

On 26 and 27 December, the representatives of the nuclear industry companies verified the functionality of TUK-141O handling equipment, accessories and implements for standard transport and process operations, including loading and unloading of VVER-1000 SFA mock-ups.

‘The TUK-141O cask and TK-U-141 rail transporter have proven efficient, safe and reliable, consequently, an experimental transfer of VVER-1000 SNF will be undertaken from the Balakovo NPP in 2017’, said Konstantin Tvileniov, FCNRS Project Director


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