Acceptance tests of TUK transporters successfully completed

Acceptance tests of TUK transporters successfully completed

Acceptance tests of TK-E-140 and TK-U-141 rail transporter prototypes were conducted at JSC UK BMZ Plant in Bryansk on 27th October 2016. The rail transporters are intended for safe transfer of TUK-140 and TUK-141O shipping casks with spent nuclear fuel.

The transporters were manufactured under the contract with R&D Sosny at JSC UK BMZ Plant in Bryansk in compliance with the design documents developed by JSC TsK BTM, Tver. The design documents had been developed in accordance with FCNRS’ Terms of Reference for the development, manufacture and supply of TUK-140 and TUK-141O cask transporters.

According to Konstantin Tvileniov, Head of Department at FCNRS, the transporters were designed and manufactured to replace the ones that had previously been in use and whose service life was close to expiry. Speaking about the advantages of the new transporter model, he emphasised their compliance with all up-to-date safety requirements for spent nuclear fuel transport.

It took a long while to run tests of the TK-E-140 and TK-U-141 transporters. The tests were carried out at JSC UK BMZ Plant, a certified JSC VNIIZhT test centre, as well as on the JSC Russian Railways rails and testing area in compliance with the approved and endorsed TK-E-140 and TK-U-141 Acceptance Test Methods and Procedures.

The key task of the tests was to identify whether the technical condition of the transporters was compliant with safety requirements.

‘The positive results of the tests against 46 items in the TR TS 001/2011 Technical Regulation ensure the required safety level in SNF transport,’ said Konstantin Tvileniov.

The acceptance committee reviewed the findings from the transporter prototype tests, acknowledged results of the TK-E-140 and TK-U-141 transporter trials and recommended their launching into manufacture.

All proceedings from the TK-E-140 and TK-U-141 transporter tests will be submitted to FBU ‘RS FZhT’, a certification body for railway transport, for the purposes of mandatory certification of the products for compliance with the Customs Union Technical Regulation Ref. TR TS 001/2011.


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